It is difficult to imagine that we could be so loved. And yet in God’s eyes we have always been perfect. As a mother loves her child even before conception, merely in desiring her child, we too are truly loved. This force, which I now call God, unites an ovum and sperm, and as the embryo grows, divides its cells in such absolute perfection that a finger appears on the hand and two eyes on the face. How is it possible that each cell knows what its shape and placement should be? This is not a miracle; it’s a natural phenomenon.

As we evolve, with our needs and technologies, facing our humanity with its various challenges, its gains and losses, we begin to walk alone, using only our human strength to con­front and solve problems. What has become of the connection to that miraculous force that first divided our cells? For each, our task is to re-member: to reestablish and reclaim that which is already true. We are loved, and we have always been loved. It is not a question of merit or accomplishment. The Divine Love is here. We need only unclench, our fists and open to It

–Jeanette Berson

“In order to become myself I must cease to be what I always thought I
wanted to be, and in order to find myself I must go out of myself, and
in order to live I have to die.”


–Thomas Merton



At this moment, what do you need more of?

This day, give that needed something to

someone else. Find a way to give it away.

–Danaan Parry