We do not see things as they, are but as we are

—-kahlil Gilbran

Salvation comes not from the self, but from the true self.

The Christ.

The I before is I and WE, the I after is I, as there is no WE….

Thomas Aquinas stated that there are ONLY 3 movements in the universe….

straight line….. masculine..the penis…the rod..the sword..air and fire

circular…vagina…womb…cup..shield…water and earth

obtuse…..a unification of male and female…changing direction mid-flow…serpentine….the kabalistic lightning flash..the chord…quintessence…aether..the Christ…..
SO we see the idea of the alchemical unity…..
A “chemical wedding” (the Rosicrucian term)…a marriage of opposites to form a new whole…..

Dualism: God is the creator, “his” creation is not “him”

Exoteric Christianity perceives otherwise. It likes to insist that the Father is not the creation. Or the father is not the mother/daughter. This is a stance reliant on doctrin,

and logic that proclaims separation. Thus God is not creation, everything is not holy. This helps keep the divine lofty, far away and beyond reach. Through interaction in prayer we see that we can communicate…with the seperate “being.”

God is not man. Man is not God. Rocks are not God, God is not Satan, Satan is not God.

Non duality: We see that everything is interconnected. All is one. A simple way is to think of a spider’s thread, an ecosystem of just the human body. In science we find the old Chestnut; one cannot separate the observer from the observed. In Shakespeare we find in the merchant of Venice, the declaration that one needs a pound of flesh and yet not one drop of blood, illustrates how things are inseparable. In physics and in Kabbalah we find the principle that “nothing can exist in a vacuum.” Try as you might nothing can truly be separate from anything else.

There is nothing that is not God. All is one.

Duality is a product of the intellect, or episteme. One looks at a tree and thinks, I think therefore I am. Thus I am not a tree. Thus this means God is the creator and not the creation. I can plainly see and think using my intellect that I am not God, nor is that tree over there.

Non Duality is a product of the intellect and experience. Experiential knowledge (if anyone knows the two Buddhist terms for both types of knowledge please do say, this idea of two types of knowledge is found in many “cultures”) as opposed to intellectual knowledge or Gnosis is how we can actually experience and KNOW non duality. This requires more than just thinking about something. This requires interaction. This requires, arguably, actually becoming.

This is the difference between one who writes about apples, and one who just eats them. One can compose great sonnets to apples; discuss its skin…how joyous they are. However eating an apple is a totally different thing.

So dualism deals with beginning and end. God is here, and ends there. A tree is here and is not there. Thus we have clearly defined boundaries. This is intellectually sound and helps us to cope with the paradoxical nature of the reality. Indeed it is “few” who have really experienced this unity beyond the intellect.

Dualism is faced with saying this is the end, this is the beginning. The problem is that if one delves beneath the surface one finds that the beginning is the end.

2 polar opposites…let say crown and Kingdom…..let’s call them past (crown) and future (kingdom)….

now if these were 2 imaginary points…polar opposites…that stretch out for infinity in opposite directions…Math/Science states they reach a point of infinity…and eventually come back upon them selves.. Thus the end is the beginning is the end……
This fits in nicely with many ideas such a Hindu and Buddhist thought that states the end is indeed the beginning…..a cycle of birth and death for all existence…

We can also see this in western esoteric thought….the divine trinity of creation destruction and redemption…..which is the same as the Rosicrucian trinity (from the Bible) of

“Ex Deo nascimur.

In Jesu Morimur

Per Spiritum Sanctum reviviscimus.”

We are born in God…we die in Christ and are reborn in the Holy Spirit…….

Creation destruction redemption is again much like the kabbalist (and many others) idea of a return to a better state…..the end is the beginning is the end….

So dualism like Newtonian Physics is great for the surface, but you require a deeper and different focus below the surface. This does not make duality wrong; it just shows it is a map not the territory. But then you could argue if the end is the beginning then there is no end OR beginning. In Gnosticism this is precisely what we find. Thus there is no need to return to a better state as we are already in it. Gnosticism argues we just have to open our eyes to this “fact.”

Ultimately the divine is beyond words, thus any concept such as duality, pantheistic are all wrong; as they are concepts. The divine is beyond any concept.

“The Creator has no body, physical stature, image, or form at all…..The glory is an appearance of the resplendent light, which is called Shechinah , and the will of the Creator shows and images that very light to the prophets according to the hour, to this one as that [form] and to the other as that…..From the resplendent light He created His glory…..the appearance of the vision is in the heart of the one who sees…..The Creator is one and makes the glory appear according to His will…..The appearance of His splendor, which is His glory, is like a consuming fire, and they called it Shechinah …..According to the will of the Creator is the appearance of His glory. Moses saw the splendor of the glory, the great resplendence, more than all the prophets. Within the vision are images, [as it is written] ‘and through the prophets I was imaged’ (Hosea 12:11 )…..The appearance of the images is according to the desire of His decrees, sometimes in the image of an anthropos and sometimes in another image, in accordance with His will He shows His glory in the place that He wills.”

– Eleazar of Worms (Sha’arei ha-Sod ha-Yichud v’ha-Emunah )