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Jesus said,
"This heaven will pass away,
and the one above it will pass away.
The dead are not alive,
and the living will not die.
In the days when you consumed what is dead,
you made it what is alive.
When you come to dwell in the light,
what will you do?
On the day when you were one
you became two.
But when you become two,
what will you do?"

"when all are One and one is All"
Stairway to Heaven

Led Zeppelin

Heaven is not in this sky,
or in the realm of the archons.
Those who die without Knowledge

were dead even when alive,

but those who have found Life will not die,
their Spirits are eternal.
y reinterpreting the dusty works of the prophets,
you breathe new Life into their words,

but where you once saw only dimly,

now you will have a clear Vision.

When you were born,
already age one*,
you entered the world of matter,
made of two dueling opposites,
but when you "make the two into One",
and Live on purpose,

you will Light up the whole world.

* Jewish tradition holds that a

newborn infant is one year old at birth.