End the sleep which weighs heavily upon you!

Depart from the forgetfulness which fills you with darkness!

But before all other words, know your birth.  Know yourself,

from what substance you are, and from what race you are from and what species!


O soul, you stubborn soul, be sober and shake you persist and live in the body,

you exist in roughness.  When you entered into bodily birth, you were brought forth.

Now you have come inside the Bridal chamber and you are illuminated in mind.


—Teachings of Silvanus


Where are you going, people, drunkards who have drunk yourself stupid with the unmixed words of ignorance? (…) Stop and become sober, look up with the eyes of the heart! (…)Seek a guide on the way who will guide you to the doors of  knowledge, where is the radiant light which is free of darkness, where no one is drunk but all are sober and look with the heart on the one who wills to be seen!


—Corpus Hermeticum


You still sleep and dream dreams.  Wake up and return, taste and eat the true food! Distribute the word and water of life! Cease from the evil lusts and desires and the teachings of the Anomoeans – evil heresies that do not endure.


–the Concept of Our Great Power