Corporeal: Composed of flesh or being of matter in the animate, earthly or material way. There are various different beliefs in Christianity and Gnosticism of the non-corporeal, or docetic state.

Cosmogony: Study of the cosmos and cosmic order, or in Gnostic terms the Pleroma, in contrast with the earthly state.

Cosmology: Study of the physical universe and its governing laws.

Craftsman: A term used to connote Gnostic attainment. The term is also used in regard to creation. “All things were made through Him,” means that it was the Word who caused the Craftsman (Demiurge) to make the world, that is it was not the Word “from whom” or “by whom,” but the one “through whom (all things were made).”. . The term also refers to men, ”The official was the Craftsman, for
he himself ruled like a king over those under him.” (Heracleon) ” Clement of Alexandria explains ”…..correct expounders of the truth, are Gnostics. Since also, in what pertains to life, Craftsmen are superior to ordinary people, and model what is beyond common notions; so, consequently, we also, giving acomplete exhibition of the Scriptures from the Scriptures themselves, from faith
persuaded by demonstration.” (Clement. “Stromata” Bk. 7.)