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Jesus said,
"Blessed is the lion

which becomes man

when consumed by man;
and cursed is the man

whom the lion consumes,
and the lion becomes man."

The Apocryphon of John

“a lion-faced serpent … called … Yaltabaoth”

On the Origin of the World

"he called himself Yaldabaoth.

But Ariael is what the perfect call him,

for he was like a lion."

The Apocryphon of John

“the rest of the powers become jealous, because

… his (Man’s) intelligence was greater

… than that of the chief archon.”

Blessed is the lion

who becomes Man,

when Man consumes

this mythical god of good and evil

in the Spiritual fire

that melds all into One.

Cursed is the man,
consumed by the lion-faced archon
of jealousy and greed, who thereby allows
this evil archon to gain a human form.