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Jesus said,

"The man old in days

will not hesitate to ask

a small child seven days old

about the place of life,

and he will live.
For many who are first will become last,
and they will become one and the same."

The following quote is from Andrew Phillip Smith’s

The Gospel of Thomas, 2003, Ulysses Books:

“Having the male and female exist as two and not being united as one is the state of being dead.

Biologically, the union of male and female results in

a child, and this is also what happens when we bring the male and female together esoterically. Instead of the old man who is born of woman, the fallen Adam, we get a little seven-day-old child, who is living from the Sabbath, the day of Rest, naked without being ashamed. This new thing is as small and as precious as a pearl, with as much potential as a mustard seed. If we bring it to birth within ourselves it will save us. If we don’t, it will kill us, since we shall continue to be dead.”

The fact that the seven-day old child remembers

the “place of life”, while the man “old in days” has forgotten it, is reminiscent of the Gnostic myth,

The Hymn of the Pearl, where although you are from another place and your mission is to eventually return there, shortly after your arrival into this (foreign) world, you tend to forget where you came from.