Prayer is a spiritual place, a psychological place, a place where we
go to get out of ourselves, a place created by and inhabited by our
God. Whatever disciplines can help us to get to where God’s reality
can get at us, are those we should embrace.

Prayer isn’t bending God’s power in order to get things we want, or
talking God into seeing things our way. It is whatever calls us to
detach from our own self, from our own compulsions and addictions,
from our own ego, from our own cozy space. We are all too trapped in
our own places by virtue of the egocentricity of the human person. In
prayer the Spirit entices us outside our narrow comfort zone.

No wonder we avoid prayer. We have to change places, to move to a
sacred space.

Ireland Jesuit Communication Centre
Sacred Space: The Prayer Book 2007 [p. 132]