Authades: Authority (heavenly/pleromic) in Pistis Sophia (Askew Codex) who casts emanations in the ‘pleromic’ realm, and has powers over archons, aeons, and other entities including in the Heimarene. Word ‘Authades’ may mean ‘thought.’ (See; Sabaoth.)

Autogenes: “Self Generated,” in reference to the first Aeon or the guiding light. May refer to the growth of a monad into a genus and species type form and structure. (See; Monogene, and Allogene.)

Avatar: A term used in literalist works, meaning a messenger from a divine source who’s purpose it is to exact revenge, or punishment. An avenger. Gnostic demons (messengers) are called forms, and reflect darkness or four levels of agnosia, or aponoia in a person’s mental state. Also a Hindu term referring to
an incarnation of a deity. Avatars are not mentioned in Sethian works, (See; ”Seven Forms of Wrath,” ”Gospel of Mary.” See also; Tarturos.