Aristotle: Ancient Greek philosopher thought to have devised the “Square of Opposition” a device whereby logic can be graphed. The device was handed down in the philosophies of many and was generally known by Pre-Socratic Philosophers.

Ascetic: One who practices a renunciation, or change of worldly pursuits to achieve spiritual attainment. (See; ”The Birth of Christianity, Crossan, Harper, San Francisco, pg’s, 270, 410-11.)

Asclepius: Name of Tractate 8, of Codex VI of the Nag Hammadi Lib., also known as “The Perfect Teachings.” Also name of main character of the text. The text is Hermetic, and related to the “Discourse of the 8th and 9th.” (See also; ”Kybalion,” Three Initiates, Inner Traditions, 2004, List of Hermetic