Apocrypha: Means ‘hidden things’ in Greek. Usually in reference to non canonized texts or scriptures, like the “Gospel of Thomas.”

Apochryphon: “Secret Book”. The notion of secrecy was important for a wide variety of early Christians for many reasons. Thus the development of the “secret writings” amongst the Gnostics. (See; “Apochryphon of James” and Apochryphon of John” Nag Hammadi Lib. NHL.)

Apokatastasis: Meaning salvation and restoration through the reception of the Holy Spirit, Jesus. The term is used by Heracleon in reference to “fruit of eternal life or because it (Gnosis), is itself eternal life.” It was used by Origen differently, as if he meant the term to connote a communal Anastasis. ”Origen teaches the “apokatastasis”, the final restoration of all intelligent creatures to friendship with God.” (New Advent. See also; Anastasis.)