“How real is God? As real as all the good in us and extending otherwise incalculably. How real is the Devil? As real as all our evil and extending commensurably to an unknown degree. How real are we? As real as we may rise inward toward our supreme spiritual selfhood in perfect peace profound. When man comes to realize his true cosmic mission and claims his inheritance of inner identity, then life will become as it should be on all levels for us. Our chiefly immediate danger is that it may take a disaster of worldwide proportions to awaken survivors sufficiently for recognizing their real spiritual situation. If indeed that is avoidable (which some find very difficult to believe hopefully), then we are either averting or accelerating such an event during this present period of our history. It remains to learn which course will win out.”

– William G. Gray (Exorcising the Tree of Evil)


“Life is a struggle, a fight, a constant conflict. Every one of us realizes that. Against whom or what? Some would say ‘the Devil,’ others misfortune, others again fate or nature. All of those indicate external influences we are all up against. How many are enlightened enough to say: ‘My own divided being?’ The real battle of life begins and must end in one’s self. That is the Victory we must gain here before we expect even the lightest sign of Perfect Peace Profound.

Therefore make some recognition-signal in the direction of whatever deity you believe in and formulate your thinking in this manner: ‘I’ll go on struggling for inner peace in my soul until I gain victory against all opposition. I’ve got to do this for the sake of my spiritual survival. However, I would appreciate some help if you really mean me to win in the end’.”

– William G. Gray (Qabalistic Concepts)