You who long for the fartherly light,Sister, spouse, my Sophe,anointed in the baths of Christ with imperishable, cleansing, anointing oil,you have hastend to look on the divine countenances of the aeons,the great angel of the great counselthe true Son;you came into the bridal chamber immortal you arose into the bosom of the Father. This dead woman did not have an ordinary turning point in life.She died and lives a truly imperishable light.She lives to the living and died to the dead.O earth, how do you wonder at the nature of her mortal shell?Are you terrified? 

–2nd Century bridal chamber inscription to Flavia Sophe




My brothers of the bridal chamber who lay me to rest light me with torches,They deeply long for feasts in our dwellings,Lauding the Father and praising the Son,from where is the outflow from the one and the truth. 

–found with the above text