“[P]ast and future time are wholly in the Creator in the present, for there is no change or set term in relation to Him, and no days at all have passed from Him. Therefore, all the tenses in Him are designated by one name, which instructs about the necessary of existence.”


– Nachmanides (Perushei ha-Torah)



“The emanated beings fall under time but He does not fall under time. I do not wish to speak of ‘time’ as it seems from the straightforward meaning of our words, but rather the intent is that there was a time when they had not yet emanated as in ‘prior to the emanation,’ and this is one of the things that cannot be in Ein Sof since He is not an existence that does not exist, but He is the necessary of existence, and He brought about the existence of time and He is not a temporal being…..And this is illustrative of the power of the magnitude of Ein Sof, king of kings, blessed be He, for it instructs about His being, which does not fall under time, but, on the contrary, He brings about the existence of time, and the being of His privation cannot be imagined in any manner in the world. This is one of His many advantages over His emanations for all of them fall under the existence in which there was already a time in which Ein Sof existed apart from them as in ‘prior to the emanation’.”


– Moses Cordovero (Pardes Rimmonim)



“The great name, which is the Tetragram, YHVH, is called as such to indicate His eternal being and His everlasting existence, He was, He is, and He will be [hayah hoveh ve-yiyeh], prior to the creation, during the time of the subsistence of creation, and after it reverts to what it was. And had the worlds and all that is in them not have been created, it would not have been possible to see the truth of the manifestation of His eternal being, blessed be He, in the past, present, and future, and he would not have been called by the name YHVH at all.”


– Chaim Vital (Etz Chaim)



“Thus we find the truth of His essence alone without any other cause, but rather all the other causes are brought about from Him in an absolute creation, for there was no prior existence at all, God forbid. However, in the time-that-was-no-time and in the moment-that-was-no-moment, He brought about every beginning for the created entities, and they have no prior beginning, God forbid, other than Ein Sof alone, for He is the origin and beginning of all that exists…..

        Thus in the beginning of the disclosure of the emanation of the beings from Him there was no moment-that-is-no-moment but rather all the moments were equal. However, the emanation in the will of wills was dependent on the moment-that-is-no-moment for it was necessary that the vessel be preprared to receive the emanation.”


– Moses Cordovero (Elimah Rabbati)



Know that prior to the creation of anything when God, blessed be He, was alone, there was then no reality of time at all, for time itself has no reality, as it is an accident that is conjoined to and is consequent to the motion of something that has been generated and continues to exist, for it falls under time and three aspects of time are distinguished with respect to it, namely, past, present, and future…..He exists permanently in one manner; before the world was created and after the world will be destroyed, time does not alter Him…..And even though He was [hayah], is [hoveh], and will be [yiyeh], He has no relation to time, for His having been has not elapsed [he-hayah shelo lo avar], His being at present is not momentary [ha-hoveh shelo eino rega], and His being to come is not in the future [ha-yiyeh shelo eino attid].”


– Joseph Ergas (Shomer Emunim)