Allegory: Writings, characterized by themes or parts with intentional multiple analogies. They relate characters and events in a manner to represent more than one thing or meaning. Origen stated that scripture can have literal, moral, and spiritual meanings. (See also; Exegesis.)

Allogenes: Means “alien” or of another race. The existence of spiritual force in the material realm is “alien” to it. This includes both aeons, such as the Logos, as well as the Gnostic him/her self. According to Dr. Gilles, Allogenes, is also a reference to Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve. In Jewish gnosis
Seth is viewed as the Saviour.” ( Emeritus
Professor Gilles Quispel who discovered the Gospel of Thomas.) ”Allogenes” is a ‘Sethian’ tractate, and is contained in Codex XI. 3, of the Nag Hammadi Lib.