We are seekers, we are journeyers of many paths,
yet we find ourselves here together,
defending the rights of our sisters,
to reconcile their lives with their consciences,
to make the best choice they can.

We trust our sisters to make these decisions,
as we trust in your mercy and guidance,
as we trust in your protection today.

We thank you for your kindness,
for allowing us this opportunity to act on our principles.
We thank you for the gift of free will,
the gift of conscience, and the gift of life,
even when these things may seem to make our path more difficult.

Dear God, who hears the cries of all people,
be with us as we go out.
Protect us from harm.
Keep love in our hearts,
especially for those who will hate us for what we do.

We ask this, in your many names,



(The above prayer was written by a student at a Catholic university. When the university would not allow any publicity regarding the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, she and six other students decided to go out at 3:00 am and write pro-choice messages in chalk on the sidewalks around campus, to get the message out and get people talking. The seven students called themselves the “Roe squad”. The night before going out, this student wrote the following prayer, expressing her feelings about what they were about to do. She asks to remain anonymous, for fear of negative repercussions from the anti-choice administration and students, but, as an active member of SYRF, she generously offered to share her prayer with us.)


“Anything we loved can be saved”

–Alice Walker