A certain king of this world had a beautiful fig garden. In this garden he had growing some beautiful and ripe figs. In his kingdom were living two men which he had neglected. They were a blind man and a lame man.

One night, the lame man conspired with the blind man to steal into the garden and help themselves to some of these figs. Leading the blind man to him with a rope, the lame man climbed upon his back, and acted as the eyes for the blind man. In this way, the two men managed to get into the garden, and eat the figs growing therein.

When the king discovered that his figs were missing, he went to the blind man and asked him how such a thing could happen. The blind man responded by saying; “How could I have done this, I who cannot see?” Then the king went to the lame man and asked of him the same question. The lame man responded by saying; “How could I have done this, I who cannot walk?”

The king then put the lame man on the blind mans back, and demonstrated how the two had worked together to accomplish there goal, and they were unable to deny it. It is in this way that the body is connected to the soul, and the two will be judged by what both have done, and endure no separate judgment.

Apocryphon of Ezekiel (The lame and blind men in the garden)