My Bride is a Daughter of Light;

Of the Kings’ she possesseth the Splendour.


Stately and charming her Aspect,

Fair, with pure beauty adorned.


Her robes are unto like blossoms,

Whose scent is fragrant and pleasant.


On the Crown of her Head the King throneth,

Giving Food to her Pillars beneath Him.


She setteth truth on her Head,

Joy eddieth forth from her Feet.


Her Mouth is open-and well doth it suit her-

For she singeth with it loud praises.


In her the Son’s Twelve Apostles,

And the Seventy-two are all-thunderous.


Her Tongue’s the Hanging of the Door,

The Priest uplifts and enters.


A Stairway is her Neck

That first Builder hath builded.


The palms of her Hands, furthermore,

Predict the Land of the Living.


And her fingers the Decad

Set for her open the Heaven’s Door.


Her Bridal chamber’s a-light,

And filled with the scent of Salvation.


Incense is set in her Midst, of Love, and of Faith,

And of Hope, making all scented.


Within is Truth strewn;

Its Doors with Verity are decked.


Her Bridesmen surround her,

All, who she has invited.


And her bridesmaids, grouped with them,

Are singing the Praise-hymn before her.


Before her there Serve Living Ones,

And watch for the Bridegroom’s coming.

That by His radiance they may be filled with Light.


And with him enter in His Kingdom,

That never more will pass away.


And go unto that Feast,

Where all the Righteous shall assemble;


And so to attain that Delight

Wherein they each and all shall enter.


Thereon they clothe themselves in Robes of Light,

And are wrapped in the Radiance of their Lord.


And to the living Father praises sing,

In that they have received the Light magnificent.


And by their Lord’s Resplendence are made Light.


And they have tasted of His Living food,

That nevermore hath waste.


And of the living [Water] they have drunk,

That suffers them to pant and thirst no more.


Praise ye Father the Lord,

And [praise ye] the Son Sole-begotten,

And thanks give unto the Spirit,

And thanks given unto his Wisdom.




–The Wedding song of Wisdom

(Catholicized Syriac version)