“If we choose the path of heart, then of course our focus is ultimately and always on love. Love is the cornerstone of many of the world’s religions, especially the mystic paths. Rabbe Nachman of Bratslav used to say that achieving the simplicity of love is one of the highest enlightenments…..

Our experience of loving-kindness fills us with joy, in fact, according to the Torah, joy is the normal healthy state of the soul….

Chesed can be translated as loving-kindness, though it is an active word rather than a passive one. I tend to translate it as something like ‘joyful compassion’ or ‘ecstatic compassion’ or ‘compassionate joyful love.’ No phrase is quite adequate in English. Chesed does not necessarily involve a Hare-Krishna-style ecstatic jumpting around (though there is nothing wrong with this); rather, it generally refers to what happens when we exerience the connection between the soul and the reality of God. When the joining of these two is acknowledged, the heart swells with chesed, and every part of creation feels this swell. Here is how the psalm describes it; ‘The heavens exclaim God’s glory, the sky affirms…..Day speak to day and night to night. There is silence, there are no words – But their voices resonate throughout the earth!’ [Psalm 19:2-5]”


– Avram Davis (The Way of the Flame)