Because their value is equal, many pieces of gold are

worth more than a single coin. So it is with sentient

Beings—many are more precious than one. Fortified with

this awareness, one can live and act accordingly –with

simplicity, generosity and respect for life. The attitude of

cherishing all sentient beings as though they were truly

the same as you is a deeply moving and personal experience.

It is a life changer. It is also the cause of happiness.

–Jetsunma Akhon Norbu Lhamo


“Do not make the kingdom of heaven a desert within you. Do not be proud because of the light that illumines, but be to yourselves as I myself am to you. For your sakes I have placed myself under the curse, that you may be saved.”

–The Apocryphon of James


Says Farid, you must fathom the ocean which contains what you want
Why do you soil your hand searching the petty ponds;
Says Farid, the Creator is in the creation and the creation in the Creator
Whom shall we blame when He is everywhere?

Baba Sheikh Farid