The Maiden is Light's Daughter;
On her the Kings' Radiance resteth.
Stately her Look and delightsome,
With radiant beauty forth-shining.
Like unto spring-flowers are her Garments,
From them streameth scent of sweet odour.
On the Crown of her Head the King throneth,
[With Living Food] feeding those 'neath Him.
Truth on her Head doth repose,
She sendeth forth Joy from her Feet.
Her Mouth is opened, and meetly;
Two-and-thirty are they who sing praises.
* * * * * * * * * * 
* * * * * * * * * *
((two lines missing from original text))
Her Tongue is like the Door-hanging
Set in motion by those who enter.
Step-wise her Neck riseth -- a Stairway
The first of all Builders hath builded.
The Two Palms of her Hands
Suggest the Choir of the Aeons.
Her fingers are secretly setting
The Gates of the City ajar.
Her Bridechamber shineth with Light,
Forth-pouring scent of balsam and sweet-herbs,
Exhaling the sweet perfume both of myrrh
    and savoury plants,
And crowds of scented flowers.
Inside 'tis strewn with myrtle-boughs;
Its Folding-doors are beautified with reeds.
Her Bridesmen are grouped round her,
Seven in number, whom she hath invited.
Her Bridesmaids, too, are Seven,
Who lead the Dance before her.
And Twelve are her Servants before her,
Their gaze looking out for the Bridegroom;
That at His sight they may be filled with Light.
And then for ever more shall they be with Him
In that eternal everlasting Joy;
And share in that eternal Wedding-feast,
At which the Great Ones [all] assemble;
And so abide in that Delight
Of which the Ever-living are deemed worthy.
With Kingly Clothes shall they be clad,
And put on Robes of Light.
And both shall be in Joy and Exultation
    and praise the Father of the Wholes,
Whose Light magnificent they have received.
For at their Master's sight they were now
    filled with Light;
They tasted of His Living Food
That hath no waste at all,
And drank of that [eternal] Wine
That causes thirst and longing never more.
[So] with the Living Spirit they sang
    praise and hymn
Unto Truth's Father and to Wisdom's


                   ~~ from the Greek Version

~~ translated by G. R. S. Mead